The 5 Best Housewarming Gifts, Under $50

Give something that makes a statement

It’s that time of year again–parties everywhere. The sun is out, the weather is great, which leaves nothing else to do but invite people over and some fun. It’s always kinda tricky what to take to someone’s home. You are unlikely to give them exactly what they want, the best you can do is give something with a “WOW” effect. The key to any gift is making a great first impression, that includes the gift wrap and an awesome gift, of course. I’ve compiled a list of 5 great housewarming gifts, all under $50 each.

The 5 Best Housewarming Gifts, Under $50

1.  The Dessert Gold Tea & Coffee Collection

I rarely fall in love with an entire collection of any kind, but the Dessert Gold Collection by Yedi Houseware, hits the jackpot.  Super modern, yet contemporary the gold collection gives gold glam a twist. Each set includes a grey, green, yellow and blue of each item. The desert plates are each half blue and half gold, half green and half gold, etc. You want a show stopper, this collection is it.

The point of a gift is to wow the receiver, and with something like this, you are bound to do so.

Price point: $24.95 – $34.95

2. Wood Salad Bowl Set with Servers (Fork & Spoon)

If the more practical side of you is saying, “get them something they can use”, then the wood salad set, is a good choice. At a great price point, the contemporary salad bowl set, fits into any home and fits any style. It’s made from Acacia wood and is sustainable. Save the environment, while you are at it, too, why don’t ya!

Price point: $26.99

3. For the Hostess with the mostess: The Nautical Waves Viola Apron

At Marigold Houseware, we are well known for our gorgeous, stylish and sexy aprons. Our hostess aprons come in numerous colors, and fun designs. They are actually one of our top selling items in store and online. The sexy aprons, make household cores sexier. Plus, when you are hosting a party, and want to keep your outfit in stain-free, a granny apron wont’ do! A sexy, colorful apron looks cute and adds to your outfit.

Price point: $30

Mother Daughter Apron Set

4. The Diamond Shaped T-Light Candle Holders Set

This is a best seller, both in the store and online. The Diamond shaped candle holder, is a set of 2 candle holders and is for designed to fit t-light candles. They glass is very clear and it has a “like” broken glass design, that makes it seem shinier and glitzy. Each candle holder has a felt bottom. They come individually boxed and are roughly 3.5 inches (length & width).

Price point: $26

5. Inside Out Heart Tea Cup & Saucer Set in Ivory and Gold Rim

Love, love, love this uber insanely, cute and whimsical tea cup and saucer set. Seriously, I guarantee a tea time that is unforgettable, because everyone will be talking about these heart shaped cups and matching heart shaped saucers. Made from the highest quality porcelain, the Inside Out Hearts Collection comes detailed with gold trim. The teacups are hand glazed and come in a charming round hat box.

Price point: $49.99

inside out hearts tea set tea cups and saucer white cream with gold rims

The next time you are heading to a party, and need a gift, take a look at our suggestions. These are a few of my favorite things, currently in our repertoire, and I am sure you will make a memorable impression with them. Gift wrap is available on most items, you ask. Don’t forget, for all orders over $75, there is FREE SHIPPING.