Non-Stick and Teflon Pots & Pans Cleaning Guide

We love our non-stick pots, don’t we? It makes for easy cooking, and glides food right off the surface.  Thanks to our Teflon coated cookware, we can use less oil to fry or saute, and we can be a tiny bit less attentive without worrying that doing dishes will be a nightmare afterwards.

However, they are delicate cookware.  If you are too rough with them, or do not tend to them properly, scratches can release toxins, and render your pots and pans useless, sooner than expected. Teflon in particular, when scratched, has shown to possibly release toxins into your food and air that may be poisoning. Some studies show that it can lead to health defects but it’s not proven fully.  So good care is important and essential to avoid any kind of risks to your health and that of your loved ones. 
Reference this simple guide to properly clean and maintain your non-stick coated cookware items and reaping the maximum value out of it. 

  1. Always read the manufacturer’s guide when buying a new Teflon product.  Many manufacturers have recommendation on how to best clean and maintain your Teflon product. 
  2. Use a soft sponge or dishcloth, do NOT use a scouring pads. The quality of non-stick cookware does not require the use of abrasive cleaners, however if you want to add a little more power to the difficult spots, use a soft scrub cleaner.
  3. Avoid scratching your non-stick coated cookware at any cost. Use wooden or silicon spatulas (or nylon) to stir the contents and shy away from metal items or any kind that can scratch the surface of your cookware. Non-stick coatings are delicate.
  4. Rinse cookware as soon as you have finished cooking and have let it cool down.  It’s imperative you let it cool down first, otherwise you can damage the Teflon coating. 
  5. If you find that there are some tough sticky spots that may be difficult to clean later, let it soak in water and a little bit of dishwashing liquid. You can also fill the pot or pan with lukewarm water and add a teaspoon of baking soda. 
  6. To avoid water spots or streaks, dry your non-stick cookware immediately. 
  7. Use warm water and slowly wash in circular motion using the soft sponge.  If you find that there are some tough spots still, use baking soda to facilitate cleaning.  Baking soda is a cleaning secret that comes in useful for many difficult cleaning situations!
  8. e How recommends that you remove discolorations from the bottom of the pan as soon as you notice them, using a cleanser and polish called Bar Keepers Friend.  Most manufacturers recommend this cleanser by name as the safest way to keep your cookware looking its best.  Make a paste of this non-abrasive cleanser with a little water and rub the discolorations in a circular motion.  This keeps shiny bottoms gleaming.  

How to Get Tough Stains Out Of Your Dishes; The Secret Ingredient

We’ve all experienced this! Stained tea glasses and mugs, tough lines on dishes that no matter how hard you scrub, it just won’t come out.  Boy, have I struggled with this one. 

I’m a big tea and coffee drinker. I use a variety of cups to enjoy my warm drinks–be it stoneware, ceramic or glass.  I must say, there is a distinct taste to tea in each type of mug but the fear of staining the mug, used to be deciding factor what kind of mug/cup I would use.  Not only that, right after enjoying the drink, I would have to rinse the cup to avoid the tea lines. So I started avoiding drinking tea in my stoneware mugs because those were the toughest to clean.
Not anymore! After spending an insane amount of research and trying anything from, letting the cups sit in dish liquid, and yes, oxy clean and even bleach, I realized the solution was actually really simple: Baking Soda.  You put a little bit of it on your sponge and -it’s a miracle–the tea and coffee stains come right off!! Can you imagine me screeching of happiness?! You can probably read my excitement in my words. 
Anyways, once I realized the miracle of cleaning tea and coffee stains on dishes, I started trying to clean other tough stains with baking soda. Here are 8 great uses:
1.  Baking soda in the refrigerator eliminates odors of any kind (onion, garlic, left overs). Put a box, slightly open in the corner of your fridge and see it work its wonders within hours. You can use it for your garbage related odors as well.
2. You can clean silver by mixing baking soda and water. Rub it on the item, rinse and then rub dry with a soft, dry cloth.
3.  Cleaning burnt pots–this is a good one– just sprinkle some baking soda on the bottom of the pot, add water and let it soak for a few hours. If the stain is tough, you can leave it overnight.  Any dried food would come right off, and the burnt bottom will be easily cleanable the next day.
4. Remove food smells from containers by adding baking soda and water to the container, and rinse out. If its a tough smell, let it soak overnight.
5. Baking soda at the bottom of an ashtray will minimize smoke odors
6. Baking soda is a safe way to clean children’s toys. 
7. Add to your laundry by using half baking soda, half detergent.  It’ll keep your clothes fresh.
8. Pretreat grease stains with baking soda paste
How have you used baking soda in your home? Share it with the community!

Spring Cleaning in Full Swing

We try to hide, we try to run away, but there is no escaping the annual cleaning rush.  You take a look around and realize you’ve been procrastinating for months and the dust bunnies have been piling up, those clothes you had set aside for charity are starting to be in style again.

Spring cleaning is in full swing and the best thing you can do is to: TACKLE IT. Take an afternoon to remove all the outdated clothes,washed out table cloths, those faded dishes, chipped drinking glasses (you know you keep them until you really can’t use them anymore!) and throw them out of the house.

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