The Crosshatch Gold Barware Collection is Glamesque!

The Double Old Fashion Glass goes GLAM

I know, I know. My level of excitement is off the charts when new items arrive for the store. But would you really want it any other way? When we go shopping for the boutique, we are really only selecting items that we could picture in our home. Here comes the Crosshatch Gold collection-we are currently serving the champagne flutes, wine glasses and DOF (Double Old Fashion) glass for your viewing and using pleasure!

Crosshatch Gold Collection at Marigold Houseware

The Crosshatch Gold champagne flutes, come in a set of 4, and hold up to 8.8 oz of that bubbly of your choice. The champagne glasses have a high stem, with the entire height being 10.5 inches (from foot to top rim of the glass).

The Crosshatch Gold wine glasses also come in a set for 4, and hold up to 19 oz of wine. Ideal for white wine and red wine, the super modern and glamorous gold stripes, combined with the long stem, are gorgeous for a ultra chic gathering in your urban loft. Combine them with the DOF gold glasses, and you really add a lot of glam’esque style to your party.

Crosshatch Gold Champagne Glasses and Wine Glasses at Marigold Houseware

The Crosshatch Gold Double Old Fashion glass, is the best multi purpose glass we recommend. It is designed for the most authentic Old Fashion drinking experience, but also is great for serving the cocktail of your choice, non alcoholic beverages such as soda or ice tea. They are statement pieces, and are multi purpose glasses. The Crosshatch gold drinking glass, is a tumbler which can be naughty (with a DOF) or nice (for iced tea).

Gold Decanter Crosshatch Barware Marigold Houseware Los Angeles

Match the collection with the Crosshatch Gold Decanter and you have an entire set of glam’esque style, for your modern and contemporary home. I will use the decanter as the ideal gift too. The decanter can hold up to 30 oz and is ideal for whiskey, brandy and even your choice of wine. It has a topper to close it off. The price tag is unbeatable.

Due to the strong gold design, these Crosshatch Gold glasses are statement pieces, so they are ideal housewarming gifts as well.

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