ABC Hit Show “How To Get Away With Murder” revolutionized drinking

ABC Hit Show “How To Get Away With Murder” Vodka Glasses with Silver Rim are here

How to Get Away With Murder is one of the hottest shows on ABC. Fans tune in for the murder and drama, but are also intrigued to watch Voila Davis play the role of attorney and law professor Annalise Keating for her sense of style and fashion.

Ever since Viola Davis first appeared on the screen drinking from her silver Greek key design glass (Available at Marigold Houseware, here), fan have gone crazy trying to find and purchase a set of their own. Annalise is a hard core drinker and a fashionista, so it’s no surprise that her favorite vodka glass is badass elegant just like her. Fans have also rushed to copy the clothes she wears on the show, Ms. Davis’s hair and makeup, and to decorate their homes with décor similar to the setting in Annalise’s home and office, along with stocking their liquor cabinets with her signature vodka glass. And we will show where to get them!

It’s easy to see why the glasses are so popular with everyone, since each silver Greek key design glass is quite stunning. This much sought after whiskey glass is made in Italy. The glasses are shaped to fit your hand, beautifully curved, a comfortable weight, and made to hold eight ounces of your beverage of choice. The rim is the focal point, trimmed with a high quality silver band. The Greek key design is etched on the silver rim and can be seen on both the inside and outside of the glass, whether you’re looking at it from a distance or gazing down into the one you’re drinking from. These tumblers are perfect for serving vodka, whiskey, cognac, or whatever drink you prefer. This glassware is very reasonably priced and sold in a set of six.

Viola Davis Drinking Vodka

The long awaited Season 4 premiere is coming up soon and we’ve got the scoop on an actor who will appear in upcoming episodes. It’s none other than Julius Tennon, who just happens to be the real life husband of Viola Davis! His storyline is being kept under wraps for now and it’s not clear how many episodes he will guest star in, so fans will have to tune in to find out. Many are curious to see the chemistry between Davis and Tennon on the show, and to see who will be the first of the season to drink from the famous vodka glasses. Some fans of this fast paced thriller law series even play a game as they watch, taking a drink from their own vodka glass each time a character on the show drinks or says a certain word or phrase.

How To Get Away With Murder returns for Season 4 on ABC on September 28, and fans can’t wait to see what happens as the action gets under way. Invite your friends over to watch the excitement unfold, and serve drinks in vodka glasses just like the ones on the hit show at your premiere party. Order a set today at, while they’re still in stock. They sell out quickly.

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