5 Survival Monday Tips You Have to See!

Overcoming the Monday Blues Feeling

Ugh, it’s Monday again.

What is it about this dreadful day of the week, that it can make everything sunny and bright seem gloomy and dark? After a weekend of relaxation, being with friends and/or family, and being the complete owner of your time, you are back to being a slave to responsibilities to be able to enjoy the next weekend. Well, I have some great tips to make your next Monday more joyful, fun and less dreadful.

5 Survival Monday Tips You Have to See!

Tip 1 for a Great Monday: Disconnect on Friday after Work

Overcoming the dreadful Monday blues seems like a dreadful task. It is. It just is. But once you overcome it, it is a great feeling of relief. I think it’s very important that you unplug from work on Friday. Once you are done, avoid checking emails, answering calls (unless it’s urgent), or thinking about your deadlines. Everyone needs some time off, to reboot and gather strength. If you are constantly thinking about work, you will continue to build on stress for the weekend and not be able to relax at all. If you have a need to check emails and messages, set aside 30 minutes on Sunday evening to check all your work related tasks and make sure you are prepared for the next day.

Tip 2 for a Great Monday: Stop Thinking About It

Don’t waste your Sundays dreading Monday! Yes, that sounds like a “duh” comment but think about it. When does your mood change on Sunday? When you start dreading going back to work the next day. That ends up tarnishing your entire Sunday. It can built up anxiety, restlessness and all kinds of negative feelings to ruin your day. DOn’t think about Monday. Enjoy our Sunday and live in that moment. When Sunday evening rolls around, take 1-2 hours to prepare for Monday (put aside your outfit for tomorrow, make a to do list). That’s 2 less things you will have to think about the next morning!

Tip 3 for a Great Monday: Fake it Until You Make it

Wake up excited for the day! You don’t have to believe it, at first. You just have to fake it until you believe. Open your eyes, smile and say out loud “I’m so excited for today! I’m going to have the best day ever”. Believe it or not, when you repeat that same mantra, long enough your day will be brighter. In fact, studies have shown, when you approach your day with excitement and a positive outlook, things are more likely to go your way, you have less anxiety and are more productive! That sounds fantastic to me!

Tip 4 for a Great Monday: Morning Me Time Outdoors

Get up 15-30 minutes earlier (I know that sounds gosh darn awful) and go for a quick jog or walk around the block. The fresh air will increase the oxygen to your brain, early on in the day, wake you up and give you energy! This can change your entire day around! Trust me, I understand the difficulty of getting up even 5 minutes before I have to, but doing so, and getting out of the house for a silent walk, really does pump me up, and improve my day overall. The walk in silence has a healing and meditative effect on your mind. Great anxiety relief.

Tip 5 for a Great Monday: Add a little Spunk for Your Monday Outfit

Have a little fun for your Monday outfit. Add a little more red to your lipstick, add a little more color to your outfit and wear those fun earrings! I don’t know about you, but when I wear something cuter, louder, and more fun, my day is automatically brighter.  Try to lay out your clothes the night before, so they are ready for you on Monday morning to just put on, rather than waste time on deciding what items to put together.

These are a few tips that have helped me getting up on Monday mornings, a little easier. I hope they make your day a bit brighter too. Do you have any tips to beat the Monday blues? If so, please share them!

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